Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our Scientist

Our sweet girl has always loved science and after getting an experiment kit from my parents for Christmas, she was set on having a science experiment birthday party! I LOVED the idea and had such a great time getting everything together for the kids to have a great time. She wanted to invite her entire class this year and a few friends her age from church so we had it at the park just in case everyone could make it. After a soggy evening and morning, I was thanking God for giving us such a beautiful afternoon because we had 23 kids celebrating with us!  I didn't get a picture of all the tables but we had a "Guess How Many M&M's are in the Jar", items set up to look at with a magnifying glass, make your own slime and Sink or Float where they guessed what items would sink and what items would float. It was so much fun & worth all the effort!!

 Making Slime!

 The kids LOVED the dry ice I finally found! I was trying to get a bubble layer on top of the bowl for the carbon dioxide of the dry ice to blow a bubble but it was too windy =( The kids still liked to watch and anticipate what was going to happen. LOVE this picture of our faces after a little bubble popped!
 feeling the "smoke" from the dry ice
 Here they are waiting for our explosion! Mentos and soda...didn't explode as well as
I'd hoped but they still enjoyed it!

 Me and my birthday girl with our beaker cake!! It had dry ice in the middle to look like it was brewing something but you can't really see the "smoke" in the picture. The kids thought it was so cool!

The best family picture we could get - Eden was really enjoying that cake!

Claire and her teacher, Mrs. Thomas                                                                   
 Instead of gifts for Claire, kids brought items to take to St. P.J.'s Children Home and they really loved it! Claire can't wait to deliver all of the things to P.J.'s sometime this week while on Spring Break.

Happy Birthday Claire!! We had so much fun celebrating you today! Now onto Halif's birthday on Wednesday and a small family birthday party on Saturday.


Burkina Team said...

Love, LOVE, love this! Every bit of it. The science party ideas,the pictures of Neil wearing Halif, the children's home gifts. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

It was the most fun birthday party I have ever seen, kids and parents alike had excitement and a blast! All the planning,Katie and Neil, was worth it! Best little scientist ever, our Claire. Love, Grandma