Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This afternoon was so wonderful! We got together with the Matheny Family who we met 9 years ago as newly weds at church. Just as we were both starting our families, they moved but we kept in touch here and there. When we both started our adoption journeys we started communicating more and always enjoyed seeing them on their visits back to San Antonio while visiting family. Well, they are getting ready to serve in Burkina Faso, Africa where they traveled to bring home their sweet one, Daniel and living in San Antonio for a little bit. Here are some pictures from 2 years ago and then again tonight as we each had our newest members finally home!
January 2011 - Eden, Claire, Emily & Titus waiting for their brothers to come home
March 2013 - Grown up and all home!

These kids were so joyful playing together in the beautiful weather! I could've stayed out there all evening just listening to them laugh, play and run up and down our hill!

Having fun with cascarones and chocolate chip cookies!!

Just seeing our boys tonight, laughing and playing, was so wonderful. There has been such amazing healing and growth that God has orchestrated in each of our families and our little boys bodies and hearts. I was so incredibly blessed by my conversations with Sara... talking to someone who has been there, done that was healing to me. It was reassuring to know that I am not alone and that my heart is shared by others. I've been a bit weary the past week as we come upon Halif's first birthday and I have very mixed emotions. Everything I shared with Sara was something she had experienced as they celebrated Daniel's birthday with him for the first time last March. Thank you Sara for such a healing time together! Looking forward to getting together again soon. What an amazing family you and Philip have been blessed with!
We will be taking Halif to a special lunch tomorrow to celebrate the day God brought him into this world. We will also be praying and talking about Halif's birthmom with him. It will be a beautiful day together.

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Sara said...

Yes! The conversation was mutually encouraging. :D

I love this post, even if it made me cry. Thank you, Lord, for bringing our little boys home.