Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hungry Caterpillar Birthday!

The following Saturday, we had a small celebration for Halif's first birthday in his Hungry Caterpillar theme. I bought plates, cups, invitations about 2 years ago when I saw them on clearance and knew we would be doing his nursery in HC. It was great because I just pulled everything out from the nursery to use for some decoration! Friday night Halif started running his first fever since being home. That morning he had slight fever but his cough got so bad that when I fed him for his nap an 1.5 hr before people arrived, he threw up all over me! Neil and girls were gone so I was in a little tizzy trying to get him cleaned up, down for a nap, chicken salad made, vacuum the carpet, bathroom cleaned, etc. My mom thought the party was at 10 a.m. so when she came at 10:20 thinking she was late, she was actually early and saved me! We were so grateful God brought her early so she could help me get things ready while Halif finally fell asleep in the ergo on me. It's a morning I won't forget =) It all came together and thankfully it was just some family and Kate with Everett. Super low key but super special for our little big guy!

 Here he is pre-throw up in his cute caterpillar shirt (thanks Kristen Zimmer if you read this!) - had to be completely changed post throw up =)
Fun decor

I love making these month by month banners for the kid's first birthdays. We didn't have month 1 or 2 for Halif but we're blessed we got to start at 3 months! What fun it is to see how much he changed every month!

Special punch in special cups for VERY special girls!
Had chicken salad, turkey roll ups, yummy salad, cheese and fruit with holes in them
 (Hungry Caterpillar ate through them!)
Showing off his walking skills - he's a fast one!
Uncle Mike with Claire & Eden
Uncle Mike, Aunt Heather & Baby brother
Pierce had a great time playing outside!

Eating lunch outside - Grandma, Mike, Heather & Jan with the kiddos
 Halif LOVED his birthday song - he danced along, smiled and clapped but wanted nothing to do with his cupcake =) Not sure if it was because he wasn't feeling well or just not interested. It was the first time he asked me to get him out of his high chair before he ate anything.

He fed Daddy and then was done!
Opening gifts

Everett and Halif hanging out
New shoes from Grandma
Mimi and Poppa came too!
So glad Jan was in from out of state visiting Mike & Heather so she could celebrate with us!
Halif went for his nap and we all just hung out and visited more. It was a wonderful day of family! We don't have everyone over often so it was really a nice time to just have quality time together. A sweet happy birthday to our baby boy - our miracle and gift from God!


Kathi said...

I love reading about Halif and the rest of your family. I can tell how very happy everyone is! Love you guys!

Tara said...

Such a precious milestone for a precious boy!!

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