Sunday, February 17, 2013


When I was growing up, my friends used to make fun of me because I was always looking forward to the next thing... when we would be in the 8th grade, when we'd be in high school, when we'd get our driver's license... I was always waiting for what was next.'s an interesting game. Always anticipating what you are longing for while trying to live in the present. I will be honest, I'm not the best at waiting but the Lord really worked on my heart as we stepped out in faith to start our journey to bringing Halif home. We waited by the mailbox for important documents and assigned appointments. We waited on others to finish our paperwork so we could finally get on the actual wait list. We then waited and waited...and waited 21 months to get our phone call to tell us who our son would be and let me tell you, that moment defined the cliche of "worth the wait"! And just as everyone said, the waiting got harder once we saw our son's face and waited to finally meet him. But wait!!! The HARDEST wait up to that point was by far the 8 weeks we waited to return to Ethiopia to bring him home. Once again, when you bring your sweet one home and you are finally reunited with your entire family, all the waiting becomes a distant memory and it's all worth the wait. (I promise I'm making a point...) And just as you thought the waiting was finally over, it's not.

We are in the next waiting phase and while no one really told us about this waiting, it makes sense. This is the waiting period that every family has when bringing in a new member of the family...waiting for a new normal. And in this case, bringing in an adoptive child adds a little more dimension as you not only wait for your new normal but you are waiting for your child to come to the realization that you are their home and family - not just a caretaker who they might be separated from. I've heard some people say it took 8 months, others say a year and yet others even say 2-3 years but I'm sure it's just a different wait for every family. I bet it's more of a lifetime process just as it is in many relationships where you are building love and trust. This current waiting period has come along with some beautiful blessings while we work through some really tough days, weeks and months. He is starting to crawl to our legs and tug for us to pick him up. He gives us hugs and kisses and spontaneous cuddles on our chest. He brightens up as soon as he sees one of us come home. But we will continue to wait for our amazing son to truly begin to trust, love and become bonded to us. This song has been a huge encouragement to me through all of these waiting stages as I come to Him with expectations and waiting for HIM with my hands lifted high...His faithfulness in every waiting stage has strengthened me like I hadn't quite imagined it would. Love it when the Lord blesses me beyond my belief.

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