Friday, February 22, 2013

A week in pictures

As the days and weeks fly by, I love to look back at our pictures to remember and capture the everyday and special moments. This week was FULL of them so here is a week in pictures.

Sharing some love on Thursday, Feb 14th
peek-a-boo is a favorite game we play throughout every day
Friday, Feb. 15th - Girl Scout Cupcake Wars
Claire and I had a great night together trying cupcakes and making crafts galore
Saturday, Feb. 16th
Family day - got Claire's seeds planted for her science project
spent time with Grandma who is loving some more holding time with Halif
Dinner with the Miller's
Sunday, Feb. 17th
fun visit with Mimi and Poppa & dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's
Monday, Feb. 18th
Trip to Austin for Halif's Graduation Day from his Helmet!
Tuesday, Feb. 19th
Claire's first performance at school - Texas songs
Wednesday, Feb. 20th
Finally got our artwork from Ethiopia framed and on our wall - amazing how something can bring so much back from our trip! I LOVE to see it and remember so much of our time there
Thursday, Feb. 21st
A day with Halif - hanging out with each other and Rollo - one of Halif's favorites!
Friday, Feb. 22nd
OK - technically I guess this is more than a week but it's cool to see how much the seeds have grown! Each cup is being watered with a different water mixture (vinegar water, salt water, sugar water, pure water) All being done by Claire and she is loving watching what is happening. Her hypothesis was that the sugar water would grow best but today we see the pure water is getting the job done!

Love seeing new life pop up!!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful learning experience, they will have to help me plant my garden, cucumbers and beans rule!