Sunday, February 10, 2013

A lot going on...

SO much going on here lately so I'm just going to do a list with pics =) Learning how to do quick blogging so I don't get overwhelmed again and just not do it! Plus all the details are going in the actual scrapbooks and calendars!

- Halif has officially grown out of his helmet and is done wearing it! It was about 2 weeks earlier than they predicted (Feb. 14th) but we weren't going to get another. Our final appt. in Austin is Feb. 18th.  Of course my mommy eyes can tell that there is still a little mishape on his sweet noggin but it is SOOO much better! LOVE kissing my baby's head and not plastic =)

no more helmet!!
- Claire is deep into delivering cookies after selling 311 boxes...of course she had some help from mom and dad but she did most of it either going door to door or calling people who told me they wanted to place an order. I'm SUPER proud of her hard work and persistance. Eden already can't wait to be a girl scout

- Eden is LOVING her gymnastics and everyday asks me "when is it Friday?" Think we will be making her a calendar page on her eye level tomorrow so she can keep track! Last Friday morning she came into our room to wake us up already dressed in her leotard. She is doing so well trying new things that her coach asked if she could move to another class... we like to call her "Eager Eden" always wanting to go first and always wanting to do something new!

- We had Halif's baby blessing on Feb. 7th and we were SO blessed by our church family. We only had one little piece left of cake to take home because so many were there and our piggy bank gift was overwhelming. My sister, Neil's sister and my mom were also able to come celebrate with us which meant so much!

- We had our second post adoption home study on Thursday evening with our awesome social worker, Mary B. I just love her and her words of wisdom! She is such a special Christian woman, mom and adoption guru =) She was captivated by Halif and amazed at how advanced he is with his verbal and physical milestones. More importantly, she gave us a lot of encouragement about our bonding. She said we should continue to be selective in how much we go out, who holds him if anyone does, we should still be meeting all his needs (instead of others), we shouldn't be leaving him (but felt like our Tuesdays were ok) and that she sees more healthy attachment happening than not. I've been so concerned with how Halif has reached out to 3 strangers since we've been home - only one in the past 2 months - and his attachment to Neil being stronger than to me. She said he is still attached to me by all the things I described even if he does like to go to daddy when he gets home. Everything just reassured my heart and mind to keep pressing on and making decisions based on our son and not based on other people's feeling or comments. It was a wonderful visit! We will see her for the last time in August for our final post adoption home visit.

- On Tuesday, Feb 5th we had someone else watch Halif for the very first time and I had the hardest time! It's been 4.5 months and he's never not had either Neil or I with him. I decided to start teaching some of my students at the middle school I travel to so my dad and Neil's dad are taking turns watching him for only about 3.5 hours on Tuesdays at our house. He is sleeping about half that time so it's actually less time than that =) My dad said it went well...Halif just stared at my dad when he came into our room to get him out of the pack n play after nap. I was concerned H would be really excited to see my dad so hearing that he was cautious made me so happy =) It took awhile to warm up to my dad but he never showed fear or cried at all...just observed my dad with those big, round eyes. When I came home, my dad said Halif showed more excitement than the whole time they had been together although he didn't want me to hold him because he was so busy playing with a new toy (a plastic box of all things!) All in all, I think it went well!

And just for fun...Halif is a climber and soon to be walker at almost 11 months!! His new favorite place to climb? Into Eden's bed using her step stool grandpa built =) Eden thought it was great too!

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