Sunday, July 17, 2011

Turning 31

Well, I didn't feel old until I went to the movies (yes, we actually went to see a movie - "Larry Crowne" - just us two) and I saw a movie preview with George Clooney and then I saw Tom Hanks... what happened to those guys?! Anyone remember "ER" and "BIG"? I guess you're supposed to look older as the years go by but they certainly made me feel MUCH older =) I've learned with years, we have experience which gives us wisdom and we are blessed with each day we have with our loved ones here on earth.

Neil and I not only went to the movies but had a real date night with dinner too! My favorite, Italian! Neil always knows what I like for my celebrations... a big bowl of pasta =) We went to Carrabbas which always makes us reminisce about a double date we went on there once loooooong ago although we weren't on it together (circa 1998 maybe?) =) Can you believe we both remember what table we all four sat at? HA!! Must write at another time about the three double dates we went on with all different people while never being each other's date. Kind of funny!! Our date night was Thursday so my actual birthday on Friday started with sleeping in (THANK YOU NEIL!!), breakfast in bed with homemade cards and poems, a spa morning with the girls (gave them a bath, did their hair and nails!) and then it was off to see the new "Winnie the Pooh" movie. The girls had been looking forward to celebrating mommy's bday like this for a looooong time... boy have bday celebrations changed for us!! Wouldn't have it any other way - we had a blast! It was Eden's first movie and she really loves Pooh right now so she loved it. My mom came and all five of us enjoyed while eating a bucket of popcorn bigger than Eden's head!! Here are my sweethearts all dressed to coordinate thanks to my mom and a HUGE sale =)
Eden mesmerized by the big screen!
Thanks mom for coming with us!!
sweet sisters (and "Brownish" the puppy)
"Pooh" was a big part of my childhood - only wish Billy could've been there too as we shared a lot of memories with the original movie. After the movie it was off to dinner at my mom and dad's. Billy came over and Mike and Heather brought Pierce in from Austin. A yummy dinner and the next morning a swim with everyone before they had to head back to A-town. What a wonderful way to celebrate!! And that wasn't it =) Sat. evening it was off to Neil's parents to celebrate my bday along with Shannon and Neil's bdays - we always do a group thing since we all have birthdays close together! What an amazing birthday weekend!! Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't have missed it for the world! Winnie is also one of my favorites and seeing my grandbabies on mom's birthday enjoy the movie was a big treat for me as well;) Grandma