Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big girl bed & Sharing a room

Monday was the big day - the start of "Operation Share a Room"! The girls have been so excited to share a room since we started talking about it 6-7 months ago. With Claire on the brink of starting school and Eden potty trained the past 3-4 months and needs to be able to get to the bathroom, we are trying to spread out the transitions as much as possible. So far, it's going...ok... could be better, could be worse but hey!! Everyone would need adjustment time to a big bed and sharing a room. The girls have some different sleeping habits so that has been a challenge. Eden is a singer and loves to sing herself to sleep - loudly - and Claire can lay there silently till she falls asleep. Eden is also learning that she no longer needs someone to help her out of bed so she's all about not staying in it *sigh* To say the least, it's gotten better and easier each night although we are all a wee bit more tired around here this week. Praying things are ironed out before August 22nd for Claire's first day of school!

Monday morning we got started with rearranging and getting a few new things that were needed. We got Eden's mattress and then the girls went with me to pick out a new rug (pink of course) and new sheets for their beds (we only had one set of twin sheets). A huge thank you to Dianna, Kay and Maddie who gave us the cutest comforter for Eden's new bed!

We also got to organizing! With sharing a room comes less space so we needed a plan for all the "stuff" and toys. Still a work in process as we make room in the closet and dresser drawers. If you have any tips let me know!

I remember sharing a room with my brother and older sister at different times and I loved it. It was a learning process but I think a great experience for us to share our stuff, learn about privacy, give and take, etc. We are waiting to sell Claire's bed so we can buy bunk beds for the girls and that will be another time of excitement! Claire keeps saying "Sorry Eden, I get to be on the top because I'm older" =) Eden couldn't care less right now but I know she'll be wanting to hang out up there!!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to share the bed with them I would make them feel so good, start with the little one