Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Number

I can hardly BELIEVE that our July number is...

And the same time we checked email to get that number there was an announcement of another referral so we are now sitting at unofficially #23!! We are elated and so encouraged by the number of referrals that went out this past week. It's amazing how much it continues to move when we were all so worried about everything drasticly slowing down. So far our agency hasn't seen that and they are still quoting us 18 months for our waitlist time. We have been on the waitlist for 9 months and 3 weeks.
The courts close in Ethiopia starting at the beginning of August for 2 months for the rainy season. We don't know the exact dates until it happens. Closing court doesn't neccessarily slow down referral movement since Hannah's Hope (our agency's transitional home) isn't to capacity right now. It will slow down the process for those waiting to travel for their first trip for their court date. We will see how it affects our wait time. Please pray for it not to slow things down too much.

People ask us how we're doing and right now we are doing fine. We really feel at peace with our wait right now but ask me next week and I may have a different story for you =) It's a little emotional at times but we are truly trying to savor this time to prepare for our little guy. Honestly, it's amazing how at peace we are most of the time and the only explaination for that is God. He has given us so much through this process and we are amazed at how much He continues to confirm His plan for our family.

The girls are getting more and more excited as we move down on the list and move them into the same room. They pray and talk about "baby brother" all.the.time. It's so sweet and right now that might even be one of the hardest parts - them not understanding and anticipating this brother we've been praying about for as long as they can remember.


Tara said...

What amazing movement! Such wonderful news.

rachel said...

YAY! that is such great news, kathryn. i am so happy for your family. and YES, you guys always do seem to have a lot of peace with the process. i love that about you!

hope we'll see you guys soon!


Sara said...

I know what you mean about the kids! On some hard days it was THEIR faith and prayers for their brother that got me through the waiting. When we got the e-mail that we'd passed court, Philip and I were screaming and jumping in the kitchen....and they were like, "Duh, of course, he's our brother. We already knew that."
Love their faith! :)