Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The old high school gang got together and it was almost surreal to see us all there watching our kids play together. Karla was in town from Kentucky and Christina in from Houston. Most of us have known each other since we were in middle school and some even younger elementary. Those of us who could, met at Kate's during the day and then it was off for a GNO in the evening to celebrate Kate's upcoming wedding!

Here we are with all 11 kiddos =) Christina (and Manny) with Dimitri and Valentina, Karla (and Mike) with Evelyn and Kaitlyn, Beth with Lucy, Me with Eden and Claire, Crystal with Julia in-utero, Aubrey (and Andy) with Lyla, Jenny with Lily and Ali, Kate with Abbey
Just the kids!

That night the girls went to Carinos - can't believe it's been so long since we've been together!! Danielle made it from Austin, Christina, Me, Crystal, Aubrey, Beth, Marie, Erin, Karla, Kate and Jenny!
Danielle and Christina
Marie, Beth and Crystal
Jenny and Aubrey
Erin, Karla and the bride-to-be, Kate
Me, Crystal and Danielle

Kate and Karla saying hello to Julia!!

What a fun night! We are blessed to have friendships that even though we don't see each other all the time, we can pick up where we left off. We've been through a lot together!

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