Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"I love Clifford the big red dog!"

So what did we do last Saturday night?

We heard Clifford was in town and Claire just HAD to see him! She couldn't stop talking about it all day and was wondering "Will he have a bone","Will TBone be with him?", " Is he going to say hi to me?" Claire loves watching Clifford on PBS and often pretends to be Emily Elizabeth while I am, of course, Clifford (I'm always the dog or boy!) When we got the BK, we were two away to take our picture and Clifford had to take a 10 minute doggie break. So we waited patiently and Claire was getting more excited only to be terrified when it was actually her turn! That silly girl! We thought for sure she might have conquered her fear of strange people dressed up in costumes and was going to be brave enough to do it by herself. Nope! So Neil had to hold her to take the pictures and the second one turned out pretty cute. She's always been afraid of Santa so we'll see if she'll get over it by December.

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