Friday, October 23, 2009

Day to day

My stubborn, beautiful baby girl

Wow - I have the best husband! He came home today with purple tulips, my favorite, and had arranged for his parents to watch the girls so we could grab a quick dinner alone. It was just what I needed... this week has been HARD. I'm feeling complete exhaustion. Still not sleeping through the night. A good night is getting up once but there have been many the past few weeks when Eden is up 2-3 times. Now Claire has refused to take a nap this week which makes my down time non-existent. She's in her room making noise and fussing and all because she's wearing panties for nap time now. SO.... she hasn't napped since Sunday. That of course makes for a very whiny afternoon filled with time outs. I find myself getting frustrated and even angry which doesn't help the situation one bit. This is all because I'm simply worn out. I have too much on my plate. I'm too busy and I need to learn how to say no and/or delegate! I'm a mom and wife first and I haven't been a very affective or positive one this week.

Now, I say all of this to be real so my girls know that it's not all roses. I also say it so that if you're feeling the same way you will know, you're not alone! Most of all I say it for your prayers. I know that in our weakness HE is strong so I pray that I can rely on Him even more and seek His guidance even more. I ask you to pray for me and our family as we continue learning. It's a never ending process!


Anonymous said...

I'm right with ya...Pryaing for you.
Katie Miles

Jennifer said...

My sentiments exactly. I actually made a pact with myself to focus on being just a Mom next week instead of trying to be "Super Mom" that thinks I can take on the world and then some. Hang in there!

Dixie said...

Thanks for your post too Kathryn. It helps to know someone else is feeling the same.
In your case, I have been there. Lack of sleep isn't good for anyone, but especially not mommys. I'll try to email you early next week to check in and see how you're doing. I may have some suggestions, or could just sympathize with you.
Hang in there.
Much love