Monday, October 26, 2009

11 months old

I'm having a hard time believing that Eden is almost a year. The month of October has been emotional for me because it's almost been a year since we were in the hospital thinking Eden was going to be our Halloween baby! When thinking about how fast time has flown by, I am grateful that Eden took a little longer in some of the developmental stages because she stayed our baby just that much longer. Well, no more! The past two months Eden has grown up so fast. Here she is with Mr. Bear:

Love this one! Looks at those toes =)

Eden has so much more hair than Claire did at this age. Still trying to see if there are any curls in there!
SO here is what I want to remember about you Eden girl! I will do it in pictures this month!

You are EVERYWHERE and learned how to move fast this month. Once you learned the stairs (only 3 of them) there was no stopping you so out came the gate. You still don't know how to get back down so I'm always close behind.
So now that you move everywhere, you make a mess everywhere! You love to climb into the toy cabinet and empty everything out.

You are still Ms. Snaggle tooth and working on the second one coming in hence the bib to catch your constant drool. On the teething note, everything goes straight into your mouth and not just because you're teething but simply because you can! You put more in your mouth than your sister ever did so I wasn't used to watching for everything little thing that might be on the floor or tabletops. You will find the smallest thing that the vacuum doesn't pick up. You even had your first taste of cat food this month!
This wonderful toy has become a favorite this month for you and me! It keeps you busy and in sight when I need to get things done in the kitchen.
The blocks are pretty much your favorite toy whether it be knocking two of them together or knocking over something tall that Claire builds for you!
Did I mention you are wanting to be everywhere and you get there fast as lightening? This gate has saved you from many tumbles down the stairs.
Eden, you already love music and I love this picture of you and Claire playing my keyboard together. You're just tall enough to reach now that you can pull yourself up. You even started cruising a little while holding onto the edges.
And what did you start doing on the 25th? You started standing up by yourself! You're up for about 10-15 seconds before you realize what you're doing and quickly get down. Claire didn't walk till she was about 14 months old and I wouldn't be surprised if you walked sooner.

Ha! I just realized that you aren't wearing a bow in any of these pictures! You still let me put them on you but you often try to take them off.

We love you Eden Bear! I want to savor this month before you turn one!

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Anonymous said...

Eden is awesome!! Her smile can make anyone feel better!