Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Claire LOVES her cousins! She's always wanted to be attached to Kyle's hip and she and Justin play really well together. She also wants to hug on them but their gettingOn the 12th, we had a house full of cousins and had a blast with the play dough, mac and cheese, baking pumpkin muffins, playing on the keyboard and the highlight was making a garden tile for Poppa's birthday. Kyle had stayed the night before and Claire was in heaven having an over night guest. We look forward to more times for the kids to build these sweet memories together. It's something I never got to do so I know we are so blessed to have family close.

Eden showing off her tooth and her prunes

All the kids loved their turn on the keyboard discovering the different sounds! We rotated for at least 45 minutes.

Pouring the water for the concrete tile

Taking turns stirring

WHAT? All four cousins in one picture?! This is the first one we have even if Eden's head is turned. All three of the big kids are actually smiling!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea for Papa's birthday keepsake...can't get much better than that...all those little munchkins handprints captured in cement memories... good job all!!! Mary