Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things to remember about Claire

Today on the ticker it says that Claire is 3 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days - I say she's more like 13! She seems to have grown up over night and learning all about who she is, what she likes, what she doesn't like, exerting her opinion and independence, being compassionate... the list could go on! There are a number of things I want to remember about what she is saying and doing. These actually cover the past 3 months or so and some of them are hilarious.

Everything she eats has to be separate. She asks for it all to be "on the side" OCD? We'll see?

Claire LOVES to ask questions! She wants to know everything like "do you have a cat or a dog?", "Is that a boy or a girl?", "Is it spicy or sweet?" but my favorites are the why questions and not just a question with one "why" but yes!! two whys?
"Why is that girl doing that, why?"
Her questions that start with a why and then end with a why usually make me smile!

Here are a few quotes to remember:

"This is taking too long for me." We're working on patience!

"Is that a good idea?" SO cute when she asks this!

"Remember that a long, long time ago?"

"I'm so, so _________" - Loving the use of the word "so" usually followed by thirsty, hungry or sleepy

"I remember that yesterday." Yesterday meaning anything that has happened in the past

"Leyna be there?" Something I hear often

"Mike and Heather live on earth." We were talking about how China was far away but that we all live on earth. She thinks Mike and Heather live FAR away too!

"But I don't have a computer in my room!" Yes, a three year old said that! She said this as tears rolled down her face when I told her she couldn't play on the computer but could play in her room by herself if she couldn't calm down... this one was HILARIOUS and one we will never forget!

A few weeks ago "When I get older I'm going to be on the computer by myself, I'll have jewelry, makeup, candles and shoes." Such a girl

The picture below is of our little computer crazed daughter. I had to take a picture because the past month she has grown to love being on it. We watch youtube clips of Disney movies or anything that we're learning about. She loves to play games and will ask me for "" which has her favorites. This amazes me!! She can play by herself by using the mouse, she knows how to turn up and down the volume, click and drag, double click, exit things by finding the X and even more.

Claire is the BEST big sister and is always wanting to help Eden out, hold her, play with her or just know what she is doing! The other week I got to hear their first giggle fest while I was at the drive through at the bank. It was music to my ears! Claire wouldn't stop laughing because Eden was smiling at her in the back seat and she was "licking herself!" according to Claire which meant she was playing with her tongue and fingers.

Claire loves to help feed Eden now that she is eating cereal and she's really good at it too! Claire even does the open mouth like mommy does - how cute is this picture?

The other day Claire was playing with Eden while she was in her jumper. We thought it was so funny because Neil got some good footage of Claire laying underneath her and kissing Eden's bottom! Claire thought it was hilarious and I can't wait for them to get older and see these. A whole new meaning when a sister says "Kiss my butt" or something to that affect!

Swinging on a big girl swing all by herself! She's still learning to pump but I can't believe how big she looks here. Where did my baby go?


Anonymous said...

Oh so true...they grow up sooo fast and we cherish these moments along with you and Neil!!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

She's a crazy girl --- and I love her.