Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy weekend

Well, two weekends ago, before we all got sick, we had such a great time that I wanted to remember it! It was a very busy weekend with Fiesta fun, birthday fun and just family time together. Here's the run down...

Thursday Neil and I got a date night to NIOSA! We hadn't been out since before Vday so it was about time. This is the 4th year we've gone to eat junk and spend more money than the food it worth but we always have a good time. We have our favorite eats! We get there early and leave before it gets too crazy! Thanks mom and dad for watching the girls!
Friday morning it was off to take Claire to her first parade with mom and Grandma! She had a great time but was a little overwhelmed at first as you can see in the first picture. Not too sure about it all but finally got into it. her favorites were of course the Princesses and the horses but they were "stinky" =)

Havin fun with mom! We got perfect seats in front of the Alamo Plaza and missed the rain!

Enjoying the marching band - this is Grandma's favorite and Claire loved recognizing so many of the instruments!
Claire warming up and waving to everyone she thought was waving just to her!

Claire's favorite - it's a tradition for everyone to shout "Show me your shoes" and the princesses go by and they pick up their long dresses to show everyone. A lot wear cowboy boots but some wear goofy shoes too. I don't really know why they do this so anyone who knows, leave a comment.
How cool is this guy?
The girls in their pretty Fiesta gear riding side saddle
After a quick nap on the way home, it was off to Abbey's 3rd birthday party! These girls are so sweet together and have been friends since Abbey arrived 7 weeks after Claire Bear.

They kept trying and trying to both comfortably fit into Abbey's car!
Birthday Girl blowing out her candles
Kate, Eden and I enjoying some cake - Kate and I've been friends since the 4th grade!

Saturday morning it was early to rise to participate in the Hager Walk/Run out in Spring Branch. We know the Hager's family needs through my sweet friend, Jennifer Thomasson, so we did what we could to raise money for them. The father has 2 small boys and has terminal cancer leaving them without life insurance. Breaks my heart.... please pray for them and for God's miracles to be ever present. He can heal

Family picture!

Sunday night we hosted our life group so it was a busy day to get ready for that....
Whew! A long but fun weekend - maybe this was all that sent our family down the tubes with illness. I need to really know our limits and protect us all from being completely worn down. This is probably one of my biggest faults.... I want to be involved in everything and I like to stay busy, busy. I don't want to pass that to my girls so I need to learn to slow down more! Believe me, I've already come a LOOOOONG way with this one!


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

I believe the "show me your shoes" is a family G rated version of Mardi Gras, where women show other things to get the beads. glad you girls had a good time!

Dixie said...

Eric and I went to NIOSA once a LONG time ago (well before kids) and all I remember is crushing crowds and the smell of beer and expensive (but tasty) food. Oh, and the chicken dance! That's when I decided I don't really like to be where everyone else is at the same time:)

We've yet to do a parade but I think it's about time. Isaac doesn't like loud noises...

About slowing down... it requires saying NO to lots of things. Just remember, when you say no to one thing, you say yes to something else. (and vice versa) SOmetimes it helps to know what we're gaining and losing when making scheduling decisions. Lots of times, there's no way around the business of life, but sometimes we make it more hectic than it has to be.

Enjoyed the pics/ Your girls are precious.

Happy Mothers' Day