Sunday, May 10, 2009

A lot of firsts

This week was a big one filled with a lot of firsts for Eden!! She started blubbing, sticking her tongue out to copy us, played in her big girl jumper, ate her first cereal and took her first big girl bath with sister! She's been a busy bee and just growing like a weed... what a sweetie pie she is.

Checking things out and not so sure! She really isn't even tall enough for it but I held her legs and bounced her a little bit and she just smiled. Thanks Lauren for letting us borrow it!

Lovin' it !
Eating rice cereal! We started it this week because I thought I'd be gone all day Saturday and we thought it might help tied her over since she still isn't taking a lot from the bottle. I wasn't going to start till 6 months but she's already 5 1/2 so I thought it'd be just fine. Ends up I was here Saturday after all but we've still given it to her a few more times.

These pictures don't capture just how much she loved it! She couldn't get enough and loved getting the spoon in her mouth. Isn't it funny how mommies open their mouths like the mama birds? I love this picture of us!

Bath time with the bumbo! Eden wasn't too sure at first especially since I put too much water in the tub and she was floating like a boat. I kept my hand on her till I realized that if I took water out, she'd be better off and stick to the bottom.
Big sister helping out! I said "Claire, put some water on her" and where did she put it? Right over her head! Eden hardly flinched but Claire got a quick lesson on where to pour the water on baby sister.
"Mom, why do you always have to take pictures? I'm naked!"

What a fun age we are coming upon! I already miss my infant, tiny girl but every stage is so memorable and wonderful! Can't wait to have her sitting up and playing more with Claire. They've started laughing at each other and it melts my heart!

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Aubrey said...

I love that last picture of Eden! I can't even imagine Lyla being that big in another 4 months! Crazy how fast they grow!