Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

On Monday "Aunt" Heather came to town and we took Claire to the zoo. We actually ended up buying a pass so now we can go all year long and also take someone with us for free! Claire LOVES the zoo and before we went all she wanted to see were the ducks!? Yes, my child would rather see a duck than a lion! Anyway, the highlights were seeing the hippos underwater, watching Claire get in the water without any hesitation, having a bird land on Claire's head (which freaked her out!) and feeding the goats! She was completely exhausted by the time we left and quickly feel asleep in the car. Here are some pics that we took:


The monkeys were hilarious!! This one was trying to figure things out

Feeding the goats! They ate the food as soon as it came out of the machine!

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