Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trip to Dallas

We had a great time this past weekend traveling to Dallas. We don't travel much so when we do it's exhausting but so much fun! Claire did really well in the car as long as we were singing her favorite songs and Daddy was pretending to be Elmo. Friday night we stayed with our friends Jeff and Tiffany Ketzle and their little 1 year old Caitlyn or as Claire likes to call her "Cake". We had a great time staying with another couple with kids so we could visit while the girls played so well together.

On our way to check into our hotel on Saturday, we drove by one of our favorite fast food joints, Cane's! It is a fried chicken finger place in Baton Rouge that I came to love in college and they are slowly coming to Texas. We did a quick U-ey and indulged in a box of chicken fingers and Cane sauce - if you know what I'm talking about, you're mouth is watering right about now! After a quick nap it was off to Neil's cousin's wedding which was really sweet and just perfect for the unique couple - toy Transformers on each table kept the kiddos entertained. Thanks Emily and James! Then we were off to dinner with Neil's mom, dad and sister's family. Claire had a ball with her crazy cousins and couldn't get enough of them. All in all it was a really fun trip and I'm hoping to take another road trip sometime soon =)

This is Claire at the wedding! She got her dress from Grandma

Claire's crazy cousins, Justin and Kyle

The Lewis 3


Rachel said...

I'm just being nosy and bored and I was browsing some of the blogs when I came across yours it caught my eye. The first picture of your 2 children looks almost identical to a picture that was taken of me and my brother when we were about the same age. Me on the little car and my brother standing behind me, or vice versa I can't remember. Just a deja vu type moment. You've got beautiful children BTW! Oh and I also noticed your blog because you said you traveled to Dallas and I live in Flower Mound. That's all, great blog too!

Mare Bear said...

Cute pictures, Kathryn!

Anonymous said...