Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slippery Fish

Eden ADORES the song "Slippery Fish" (swimmin' in the water!) and now she is one!! This little fish was a little too comfortable for our taste last year when we spent time at the pool so I wanted to make sure she was getting some experience and learning how to be safe in the water before summer time arrives. This is Eden's first time to take any kind of lessons or class and I think she's really going to love it!

She was such a sweetheart - raising her hand so eagerly to volunteer to do everything first! She only has two other boys in her class. Her coach seems to be really good and she had them do a lot for the first lesson - bubbles, superman, floating on back and jumping in with total submerssion. So glad they didn't waster any time and that she was A-OK with the pace.

She loves to make big kicks!
Eden wanted to say goodbye to her coach before leaving but she had already started a new class and what was the first thing she said when we were walking to the car? "I want to go to swim lessons again. When do I go? I want to go now"
When we got home Claire was running around in her suit playing with the hose! Eden was excited to get in on that action!

This was right before they fell over =) A little too much love!

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