Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby fix

This past weekend we went to Austin to get our baby Pierce fix!! Neil hadn't met him yet and Claire has been asking me everyday when we would see him again =) I didn't mind holding him most of the day either!! We had a wonderful time and hoping we helped Heather out a little bit with Mike's first day back to work.

Claire wouldn't be more than a foot away from Pierce unless we insisted or he was in his bassinet. Look at that gaze!
Then it was Eden's turn to hold Pierce. She likes to call him "MY baby"
We were there for his first real bath and what a treat! The girls had so much fun watching over the counter. He wasn't too sure about it but as soon as Heather gave him her pinkie he was all set.
Look at those stretched out legs! So cute!
Neil got a chance to hold him too =)
Love this picture of the beautiful momma, her sweet boy and cousin Claire
Pearl was such a good girl! She and Eden were quite a pair!
Picking strawberries from the garden
Uncle Mike came home and the girls were all over him!
Mike took Claire out to help plant the carrot and cucumber seeds.
What a wonderful weekend to get to know the newest member of our family! I can't WAIT to have our little guy home to meet his cousin - I know these two will be good friends and probably get into some trouble =)

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