Friday, August 13, 2010

Work with Daddy

Claire was beyond excited to visit Neil at work today. Monday will start a busy year so we took advantage of one more down day before campus starts buzzing! Claire wanted her nails done, her hair done, she chose her dress and pearls to wear... all for Neil's friend Carlos! She has quite a crush on him since he gave her a Santa Yoda toy back in December. Yes, December and she STILL talks about it any time Neil says something about work. =) Didn't get a picture of Carlos though because once we walked in the door, Claire got really shy. Both Claire and Eden warmed up and ran all over entertaining the other instructors and secretaries. Silly girls! We did get a shot of Neil and Claire but Eden was much more interested in sitting on the boxes in daddy's office...
Silly time!

Unfortunately, Claire's fever rose when we got home =( Hoping it's something that will just pass like Eden's did last week.

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