Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

I love having Vday on Sunday! It seemed like we celebrated all weekend which was a lot of fun now that Claire is into all the holidays. Kids make it that much more fun!

Friday Neil came home from his Humanities Conference with these beautiful roses. They are the deepest red with a little frill to the petal. That night we visited with family since it was my dad's bday and then Sat. morning we had breakfast to celebrate. Neil had a service project down at Seton Home so Claire and I baked some mini cheesecakes for him before I took the girl's to a Chuck E. Cheese bday party. Wow was that crazy! Claire had the best time =)

Saturday night was our date night thanks to our babysitting swap with the Bowers. We had a wonderful Italian (my favorite) dinner at Zio's and then drove out to Boerne to listen to our friend Andy's band, Acoustic Soul. What a treat! They were great and it was so nice to listen to some live music and just do something different!

Sunday was family day with the girls with church, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa and a great, much needed nap for everyone! We gave Claire and Eden their little Vday gifts and just enjoyed the time we had together; A trip to Costco and a visit to see Eric and Erin. To top the day off Neil and I talked about life over a glass of wine and watched a movie... couldn't get much better than this!

I have the most WONDERFUL husband who makes me feel so loved every day of the year but we still enjoy a special celebration =) At least it gives us an excuse to get out on date!

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