Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14 months

Eden turned 14 months last week and I can hardly believe it. You never believe how fast time will go by when you have kids until you're in the midst of it all. Here are a few things I want to remember about this time.

-Eden still only has 3 teeth but the 4th one is slowly working it's way through

-14 months has proven to be a big transition for Eden just like it was her sister. We will need to be as consistent as possible or it'll be trouble down the road! She wants what she wants and she'll let you know! (even more than before)

-What a mama's girl! She prefers me over anyone but has never once cried when we've left her at the nursery or with babysitters. That's been a huge relief.

-She is now preferring to walk more than crawl and she's getting pretty brave! She tried to run today... crazy girl! She still has that intoxicated swagger but it's going away bit by bit.

-Three days ago she got up to her standing position without using anything to pull up.

-She's slowly drinking more milk a day. She's maybe up to 16 oz. a day and Dr. Gulde said 21-24 AT LEAST! She's come a looooong way the past two months but has dropped some weight due to her pickyness. We mix it in everything we can which helps!

-Eden has started talking SOOO much the past month. She was always so quiet (except for her screaming at night!) but now she just babbles up a storm. She doesn't say much that we understand but I know she understands a lot of what we say. Here is what she will say:
1. "daaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" for "that" and wondering what everything is while pointing
2. "mama" but not very often
3. "mou" (as in ou-ch) for cat imitating "meow"
4. "du" for "duck" - just started this one the past week
That's about it! That and a whole lot of nothing but babble, babble! She seems slow with her verbal but I know she will be right where she needs to be when the time comes.

-She is sleeping better through the night. When she sleeps all the way through she will sleep from 7-7:30 p.m. to about 6-6:30 a.m. This is still not as often as I'd like but it's still better. It consistently happens about 4 times a week on average. The worst is when she wakes after 5 a.m. and won't go back to sleep no matter what you do.

-For about the past 3 weeks or so Eden has been doing some quiet time in her crib when she first wakes up. Neil will go in there and put toys in for her to play with. She does well until she has managed to toss every toy overboard!

-Two weeks ago she started noticing airplanes while we are at the park. Now when she hears them she will point up to the sky even when we're inside.

-She's a little shorty! She still wears her 9 month pants and her 12 month pants are good as long as they are rolled up.

-She had RSV at 13.5 months old and was about 19 1/2 lbs. at her last appointment in mid Jan.

-This girl LOVES animals! She will cuddle, kiss and beam up for any animal (even her stuffed animals) but isn't as interested in baby dolls or other babies. Not like baby crazy sister =)

-She also loves anything to do with music. She will dance to someone whistling! She really loves when I leave the keyboard out to play on and asks to play the piano just about everyday. When I sing to her before bed, she "sings" along.

-She is just PRECIOUS!! What an incredible little girl exerting her independence and learning everyday.

Love this picture and dressing her in pink and red! What a sweet valentine we have!
She's coming to get me!
Pure joy! Look at those 3 teeth!
A rare picture of Eden wearing a bow. She really hates them now and it's just not worth the fight because one day, she'll ask me to put them in =) Yes, the vday shirt gets a lot of wear around here lately!

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