Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

So for Christmas day we spend time together in the morning at our house with our little family which I love. It's so special that we get that time alone for presents and a nice breakfast =) After breakfast (my mom's casserole recipe!) we bake Jesus' birthday cake that we decorate over at my parent's house together before singing to Him. This tradition is probably my favorite because it really keeps Claire focused on why we celebrate Christmas. She LOVES to sing to Jesus! After nap and lunch we head to my parents house for presents and dinner. This year we had Kate join us for dinner since Abbey was out of town while Kate was packing up her house to move. We also had Heather Adams come and visit that morning but I didn't get any pictures of either of my childhood friends! Love you guys!

We kept gifts simple - Santa brought goodies for the stockings and one big gift for the girls. Then we gave them two small gifts and one to share. Something we started this year which was SO fun was taking Claire to the dollar store to pick out gifts for mom, dad and Eden. She did really well and was SO excited to give us what she chose for us. I got a candle, dad got a flashlight and Eden got a baby doll. Eden gave Claire a coloring book and activity pad.

Here is the tree all decked out. Love our tree - every ornament has a story! A lot are from my Aunt Linda who gave me ornaments while growing up. Thank you so much Linda! That angel on top is the one you gave me forever ago. We have an ornament from every trip we've taken together, baby's first Christmas ornaments, handmade from Claire, gifts from friends and family.... our tree tells a story in itself and I love it over a "pretty" tree. Our tree is BEAUTIFUL to me!
Claire opening her first gift and first Disney DVD at home =) Sleeping Beauty
We had to wake Eden up so she wasn't in the mood but did unwrap her matching gift with Claire.
Eden's Little Sister doll - her name is on the skirt
Love this picture!! Claire got a big sister doll and the two match with each name on the skirt.
Cheese with Daddy!
Claire's gift from Santa - a castle!! It's a really neat one with different rooms and accessories on the other side.
Matching sisters by the tree!
Making Jesus' birthday cake - the train didn't make it this year =( We decorated the cupcakes instead!
At Grandma and Grandpa's decorating!
Claire LOVES marshmallows and M&M's - can you tell?
Opening gifts!! Eden loves this new learning toy!

Claire with her Princess blanket that we'll be making together soon!
Eden LOVED this cat from Grandma Ann that went with her book "If you Give a Cat a Cupcake". She hugged and kissed on that thing for about 5 minutes!

Claire loves her Moose and book from Grandma Ann - such a great idea!
When she opened this one from Grandma and Grandpa she said "I always wanted this!" She always played with it EVERY time she visited Target. It shows you how to write your letters and she's getting pretty good!

Coming over for dinner anyone?
Mom with her Holiday Lenox dishes - she collects the set
Mom hanging her ornament from Grandma - she loves it!
All of us after a wonderful ham meal!
WOW!!! I'm tired just writing everything! It was all wonderful and we already can't wait for next year when Eden is more aware of what it going on.

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Anonymous said...

Children Make Christmas Merry! As grandma's crosstitch piece states, the little ones and their excitement and amazement over family time at Christmas, is a true blessing to cherish...thank you for making it special for dad and me by the special things you do to make it a meaningful Jesus day...after all, He came to show us love! Mom