Monday, December 7, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

One of our favorite holiday functions is the Breakfast with Santa at church. The kids get to wear their pajamas, eat breakfast, make a craft, visit with Santa, hear a story and sing carols all together. It's a lot of fun and our children's program does a FANTASTIC job with it. This year was Eden's first time to go. It was right during nap time so she wasn't too sure but Claire was all ready to go see her cousins, make her craft and this year she was brave and sat on Santa's lap!! I was so proud of her! Eden was not as excited about the bearded man. I didn't even know Claire was going to do it until our name was called because she was getting scared and teary all the way up to the last second. Here are some pics to remember the fun morning:

Claire decorating her bag to keep all her goodies. So glad Grandma got to come help out since Neil was busy with a service project.
Wow - a picture of all three of us!
Stefany with Jed and Eden
Getting a picture of all four cousins is next to impossible. With a one year old and two crazy boys, this is the best we could get. Love this one
Eden loves to crawl up stairs! Here she is with one shoe on and one shoe off!
Eden loved the fire they had up on the big screen. She was in the zone
The best I got of both of them together - better if it's candid! Claire was more than excited about getting a candy cane.
Claire and Leyna
3 Lewis girls
YEAH!! Claire still tells everyone "I sat on Santa's lap for the first time!" so she was more than proud. She asked him for a castle. She was also loving that candy cane!
Eden was not too excited - poor thing!
Getting reindeer food from Santa. She loves this too!
The Lewis and Zorn girls! Grandma with the twins

The Alcala girls wore the same PJ's so we had to get a picture. It was towards the end so we weren't all smiles but it's still cute.
LOVE this tradition for us and our church family together. It's so fun to see the kids grow up so much every year.

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