Saturday, December 26, 2009

Claire's Christmas Program

Mid-December brought Claire's school Christmas program which proved to be a better experience than last year. (Claire sat down and cried the whole time so I was up there with her.) Boy has our girly grown!! She was SO excited about singing and would practice at home, in the car, everywhere she would go. She would often hear her songs on the radio and say "I'm singing that at my program!" I was so proud to see her up there - still a little shy but I saw those lips moving to almost every word =) Her favorite was Feliz Navidad with the maracas.
Our big girl - love this one
A proud mama and daddy
What was the motivation? Her cookie - she would often remind me that there were going to be "goodies" after she performed!
SO glad her grandparents got to be there to see her! Thanks for coming!

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