Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guest Blogger

We are SOOOO behind on blogging it's not even funny but I'd like to post something from someone very special, the man of the hour, Neil!

Hi, this is Neil. I’d figure I would make my blog debut just by sharing random tid-bits about being Claire’s Daddy. I just wanted to capture those seemingly small moments or habits that make being a parent all worth it. I love being a dad!! I’ll work on an Eden blog soon. Without further adieu,

Things to remember about Claire:

Nicknames for Claire (these are Daddy’s nicknames except the first two): Claire Bear, Bear, Goose, Cheerio, Sweet-Heart, Boo, Love, Choo Choo.

“Jus’ tending Daddy” or also common; “Let’s tend someone’s knocking on the door” (“tend” = pretend)

“I-I-I-(this part is often stuttered because she is so excited) be Shannon, you be Neil as a little boy” – (More pretending--- we often “pretend” to be various family members, characters or babies multiple times a day…sometimes I (as well as Kathryn) say, “I just want to be Daddy (or Mommy) right now, Claire!”)

“dank you” (almost without pause with her infliction going up on the “you”) every now and then Claire’s “thank you”s still come out this way and I will miss it when it’s gone.

She always wants her peanut butter sandwich in the morning “with a vitamin on top” – without fail she reminds me of this either in the evening or first thing in the morning.

Baby Pillow - Sure, there are other critical elements before Claire can be properly tucked in – (i.e., two blankies, baby alley, my old teddy bear and “giraffe-y” but the most important has to be Baby Pillow (this is a small, pretty much flattened pillow for those who don’t know)

“Goo Goo, Gee Gee, Jee Jee” – just a few characters we made up (it’s a family, don’t ya know)

Claire: “Tell me a story Daddy”
Neil: “About what?”
Claire: (smiling) “About when you were a little boy!”

Claire has to say “hi” to just about EVERYONE and constantly wants to know their names.

She loves stories, books, and any good narrative.

“Sowack” – Claire created Sowack which is essentially a cross between time-out and prison which

Claire loves the Beatles and the Beach Boys – I’ll never forgot dancing in the kitchen with Claire to “Barbara Ann” (which amounting to running around in circles) and then slow dancing with you to “God Only Knows”. Awesome.

Love to hear Claire say either “Actually” and “Seriously?” – it’s just cute. Our favorite had to be “Actually, I’m in a bad mood”.

When Claire gets out of bed at night, she often knocks on her own door and waits for us to put her back in bed.

Neil: “You’re getting older Claire – you’re almost four!”
Claire: “Really Daddy – tomorrow? – I can’t wait to be four!”
Neil: “No, not for a few more months – why do you want to be four?”
Claire: “So I can wear make-up and make jewelry with beads!”

I’ve talked about it with Claire for at least a year, and I think she is beginning to understand the concept of “consequences” and “choices”. Although it’s always risky – I often tell her, “you can choose to do whatever you want but there will be consequences and go to time-out”.

“Let’s build a pillow fort Daddy”

“AAHH….A Creature!!!” – Claire and I were pretending to see “creatures” out a window (first it was Rollo, then Billy) after 30 minutes of creature-play – I asked Claire if she knew what a “creature” was…of course she didn’t it!!

Characters from the Closet:
-Botswana – one of Kathyrn’s old dolls that inhabits Claire’s closet – yes, she is scary and she often says “Wuba Wuba” – which for the longest time scared Claire. I think she still does.
-Dr. Wally (penguin back-pack from Sea World) – named by Claire – and has a Eastern European accent.

That’s all for now! I also want to publicly thank Kathryn for maintaining this amazing blog. She never writes to brag or to promote herself or her family – although I must admit, she has done a fine job. She writes first and foremost for us. So that one day we can remember what this amazing time is like.

And because we can't leave you without pics, here is our big girl!

Here's to catching up!

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Aubrey said...

Neil, you are one of the greatest dads. Thank you for sharing what you love most about being Claire's daddy. I know ya'll have a very special relationship.