Monday, September 14, 2009

These are a few of her favorite things....

Ahhh... I'm singing the wonderful song from "Sound of Music" that somehow got turned into a Christmas song... Anyway, Eden is changing everday and I thought I'd share some of her favorite things right now. Hard to believe she is only 10 days shy of 10 months. I'm thinking about her birthday party which looks like it'll be ladybugs upon big sister's request!

Eden's my little drummer and will "play" just about anything! Here she is with a wooden spoon, a block and some bowls. This was my way of entertaining her when I was trying to make phone calls for work.

Eden can't get enough play time with her sister and daddy. This pictures makes ME want to get in on the fun!
Eden LOVES anything with buttons but especially the phone. She's also a huge fan of the remote controls and calculator. Her little pointer finger gets a work out!

Love anything that makes sound. Here she is playing the glockenspiel - no, it's not a xylophone because it's made of metal, not wood. We've called it the wrong thing forever!
Always loving those books
The past week and a half our little girl has decided she wants to use her pointer finger to point to everything! It's pretty funny because she's so into detail with that pointer.

Eden loves spending time with her Grandparents -here she is with Mimi and Grandma on Labor Day. Notice she is pointing to the bird's beak!
Loving her bath time and REALLY loving grandma doing the honors. This is my mom's favorite thing to do. That and lather babies in lotion! Eden is happiest bathing next to the mirror so she can check herself out but she is usually in the big bath now. She's growing out of her tub!

Miss Curlie Q!
My baby taco
Stay tuned for crawling, eating and clapping!

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Anonymous said...

Eden is AWESOME.

She's a good lil' girl.