Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Jesus Send the Rain"

If you haven't heard this song by Mercy Me, it's a goodie. I was recently reminded of the power of this song when I saw it on a friend's Facebook headline and heard it on the radio today. She has shown me great strength while she has just been faced with an incredibly trying time. It amazes me how God can be glorified in situations that seem impossible to us. In our weakness, He is strong.... praying for you....

It DID rain here yesterday and we had a wonderful time playing in it and thanking God for the relief from the heat we've been suffering from here.

Claire and her beautiful locks waiting for the clouds to open up
Claire taking a pic of me - can you tell I'm excited?

I promise she was having a great time!
So was sweet Eden but she was feeling a little left out so.....
she went out to feel the rain too!

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