Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funny Claire

Oh, what comes out of a three year old's mouth - sometimes it makes you do a double take in disbelief but so many times it leaves you smiling and trying so hard to hide your laughter! I open my funny Claire quotes blog with a sweet video I caught a couple weeks ago of her doing some of her favorite things - washing dishes, dressing up (that hour it was Minnie Mouse) and singing. It's hard to catch her singing so I'm glad I got a little bit!


Now for the funnies!

- "Let's pretend I'm a bean and cheese taco!"

- Out of the clear blue "Oooooo.... I love her SO much!" talking about Eden

- Mom: "Claire, I'm going to make sure Aunt Heather has everything she needs to feed Eden"
Claire: very confused look... "She's going to feed Eden with her boobies?!"

- Rollo had been acting funny to me and I was a little concerned. I went up to her one day and asked "are you ok?" which spawned a whole conversation about how we don't live forever, death, etc. After she looked really sad about Rollo possibly not being with us, her face lit up and she exclaimed, "We can just get a dog!"

- When expecting a woman named Nancy coming over, I asked "Who's here Claire?" and she said "Fancy!" - SO cute! She had never even met this woman. Crystal and I had to really hold it together!

- After some SA heat, Claire felt her shirt under her arm and said "Mama, my arm peed!"

- We are heavy into catalog season. We get one almost everyday in the mail! Claire likes to sit in her little chair, cross her legs and point to things saying "Maybe I can get this for my birthday? or maybe Christmas?" Lately she's also been kind enough to ask for things for her sister. And what is the one item she always finds for herself? A play vanity with pretend makeup! Such a girl

- Lately there are a lot of conversations that start with "When I get older..." here are some of the things she looks forward to (without ANY coaxing what-so-ever):
"getting boobies"
"shaving her legs" (she likes to tell me when I need to shave mine!)
"wear makeup"
"have a phone"
"go to college"

Oh! I can't believe what we will be facing in the future! I just want her to be my little girl and she wants to grow up so fast already.


Aubrey said...

I had no idea boobies and shaved legs were such a big deal at her age. Watch out mommy!

Kimberly said...

I was laughing so hard at the "we can get a dog" comment!

Gloria said...

I love Claire!! It's fun to read what she's talking about-- gives some great insight into her personality.

Brandon said...

These sooooo made me laugh tonight! I had to read them out loud to Brandon just so I could laugh all over again. While I don't necessarily want Zachary to grow up quickly, I do look forward to the silly things he will tell us!