Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eating, Crawling and Clapping (and more) - Oh, My!

Lots of changes happening the past week!

Eden is now eating her puffs by herself & trying more table food everyday. She LOVES her beans, watermelon and cantulope! Here is a video of one of her first days eating the puffs with Neil... it's SOOO cute! She continues to blow raspberries because she knows it makes daddy laugh!

She has been up and trying for a long time now - probably about three weeks! We've been anticipating it for days now and yesterday, she did it! This first video is when she was just rotating and rolling to get what she wants. That day it was the phone and it's too cute not to share! The second video is of her just yesterday getting her knees going with the rest of her body. And what else did she do yesterday? She pulled herself up on the laundry basket and now she's hooked and wanting to do it all the time.

Look at this stance! She's so smart =)

As she is trying to still figure out this crawling thing, I caught her doing the bear crawl a few times yesterday and was lauging so hard!

Oh! This is one of my favorite things! I LOVE it when babies learn how to clap and wave bye-bye and Eden is now doing both. This video was about a week ago. She's growing up fast!

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Dinfurch said...

Hey Kathryn! I love your videos of Eden. She is just soooo cute! Thanks for your sweet words the other day. I can't believe how fast time flies! I am so ready for this baby to be born to watch their growth all over again. I just hope I have the energy! ;)