Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What we've been up to....

Well, we've been keeping busy around here! Still can't wait for the cooler weather so we can get outside more. It's amazing how you can tell the difference between 98 and 101! So in my style, what we've been up to in pictures....

Trying new things! Eden's getting the hang of a sippie cup and doing some finger gerber puff snacks!

Finger painting! Bought this a month or so ago for "rainy" day activity or in our case, cabin fever day. She loved it!

The finished product along with our "Reading God's Word" sticker chart. It helps remind us to get to it as early as we can in the morning!
Playgroup swimming at Kamryn and Amy's pool and munchin' on some lunch. We love our weekly group and our other play dates.
Claire's been interested in taking pics by herself lately so here is one she took of me! Yes, I'm as exhausted as I look!
Posing and playing with sister

Hangin with Unlce Billy
Finding halloween costumes! Yes, this early! We've learned in years past that if you don't get them early you might miss out on a really cute one. So I found this one on Craig's List and couldn't resist. I also couldn't choose what picture to post so here's a lot of Eden the cutest Pink Bunny you'll ever see! Claire will be Sleeping Beauty and already has her dress from her birthday party. Thanks Mike and Heather! She already wears it all the time and STILL wants to wear it for Halloween.

Pure joy!
Claire loving her sister so much it looks like it hurts!

Eden's finding her knees and loving Grandpa's showlaces. Grandpa helped her get to her knees so she didn't do this on her own but gosh, she looks like a big girl! This would keep her entertained forever =)

And of course, we are always up to being silly!
Eden's really scooting her knees up under her these days and even rocked on them a little (of course, not for me but for daddy!). Oh, our lives are about to change all over again when she gets to be mobile!

Eden's fast approaching 9 months and I wouldn't be surprised if she is crawling by then. Stay tuned for some funny Claire quotes.... you won't want to miss them!

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