Saturday, August 8, 2009


This summer we were blessed to spread out Neil's vacation so he would have Fridays off. It was so great! Last weekend he took 2 extra days to make it a 5 day weekend so we could go to the beach. That trip got postponed so we just made the best of it here in town on our staycation. We did manage to take 2 day trips to visit Neil's grandmothers which was WAY overdue! So here it goes...

Friday we decided to do something new and fun - bowling!! Claire had a blast and she didn't do too shabby. On a side note, anytime she is pretending to "do her work" or we are pretending to buy something, etc. she almost ALWAYS uses the number 49 and which lane did we get? #49!! Neil and I just had to laugh! So we all three bowled with the bumpers and even Eden enjoyed it!

Getting everything set up with Daddy
Eden was just an angel in her bumbo! Don't worry! One of us was always sitting next to her so she wouldn't fall off the seat
The ball s-l-o-w-l-y rolling down the lane! She did well and stayed very excited for 8 of the 10 frames
I tried about 4 or 5 times to get a good pic of these two but Neil kept closing his eyes and this picture says it all!! Claire was tired of keeping her smile and was checking on daddy to make sure his eyes were staying open - it's one of my favorite pictures =) I can just hear her now " Daaaaaaaaad!"

Pushing with all her might!
My girl - what joy!
Isn't this cute? Claire, you're such a sweetheart
Had to get a good shot of the bowling shoes! Before we got there I explained the shoe borrowing to her and she said "I want Princess ones" and was a wee bit disappointed with the news that they probably didn't have any but I would check!

So Saturday we just hung out at home and later that evening we stopped in to say hello to Grandma and Grandpa and then we ate pizza with Mimi and Poppa. We are so blessed to have our parents here and our girls get to have a relationship with them!

Sunday it was singing at church and then a great life group at the Zimmer's. We talked about slowing down and getting distractions out of our lives so we can focus on our Lord! It was just what I needed as you can tell from this post....

Monday we took a day trip to George West to visit Neil's grandma and Aunt Mary Ellen. They hadn't met Eden yet so it was about time! We had a great visit over a lasagna lunch that we took with us. We had a nice time visiting, chasing the kittens back outside and popping bubbles in the living room.
I couldn't decide which one to post so I posted all three of Maw Maw Lewis and Eden. So cute!
Claire and Mary Ellen
Bubble FUN!
Eden being cute in the car
Tuesday they were showing a free movie at a near by theater and after talking to my friend Lauren, she convinced me that Claire might do well with a movie! She LOVED it and wouldn't stop talking about the "Curious George" movie for a couple days. Afterwards it was a Mexican lunch at Taco Cabana. It was her first movie and lunch date =) Her date was a good looking man who I know will teach her how she should be loved, cherished and treated!

The next pics are a couple of us just playing around at home...

So that was the bulk of it but yesterday (Friday) we went to visit Maw Maw Springer in Kerrville for dinner. We intended to go in the morning but we ended up taking Claire to the dr. about a sore on her tongue that had been there since Tuesday. She hadn't eaten in three days and was sleeping TERRIBLY waking up a few times every hour because her tongue hurt. He called it an a-something ulcer (a canker sore when we googled it) and it is caused by a virus. They don't know how they get it but now she will be more prone to getting them which isn't great news but at least it wasn't something more serious. It was on the bottom on her tongue and the size of a dime so it looked very painful.

Anyway, we got to Kerrville for dinner and spent about 3 hours there visiting. We were planning on taking her out but she was so sweet to make us sides and dessert to go with some brisket she picked up. Yummy potato salad, coleslaw, homemade pickles, bread, homemade chocolate cake... we got spoiled and it was so nice to let the girls play instead of having to stay seated at a restaurant.

No pics with Claire but here is Eden and Maw Maw
wow - I'm tired again! It's been fun but I'm ready for an easy going week!

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