Saturday, August 29, 2009

9 months old

We had Eden's 9 mo. appt. Friday and it went really well! She is now:

18.4 lbs. which is right about 40%
26 and something inches (didn't catch it) long which is 15%
16 and something inches for her head which is 4% - still a tiny little head

So looking at my rolly polly, I guess having her be shorter makes her look bigger. Just love her full cheeks and sweet baby thighs =)

Got to tell Dr. Gulde that she is finding her knees and rocking some. He asked if she is pulling up or able to stand when holding something but that was a no. So looking forward to that happening sometime this month! What a big girl! We spoke about her sleeping pattern after I came in with my detailed chart. He really didn't leave me with much but that between 9-12 months is when they start sleeping longer, that she doesn't need to eat during the night time, to send daddy in if we need to because she wants me to soothe her and just to change things up because what we're doing isn't working. On that note, we had a VERY good night last night. She slept from 7 p.m.-6:15 a.m. (sister woke her up - Grrr...) and only cried for 20 minutes during the 11 o'clock hour. I feel like a different woman!! Hopefully this is a turning corner and she will be sleeping better every night! (update: only that one lucky night - at least it was one!)

I couldn't decide which pictures to post so I posted a ton =)

"What's up mom?" - Just catching her trying to get to her knees from her sitting position. Any day now....
Much more interested in Mr. Bear this month!

I love this one!

This one too!

A big Bear hug and Kiss - we love those wet, open mouth kisses

Not liking the bows so much this week....

Ahhhh... success!
No bow and all smiles! She looks so long here

I will need to come back to the "what to remember" - I wrote this last week and lost it so it'll take me some time to get it posted again.

Here I am to finally update!

Things to remember about this month:
- You said your second word "dada" on July 28th while he was feeding you at Chick-fil-a

- At the end of the month you started finding your knees and rocking. You will roll anywhere to get what you want.

- You still love your books and have found a new love of pictures of babies, especially yourself!

- When dad or I come home, you give us the sweetest smile and rock back and forth out of utter excitement! What could be better than that?

- You started meats at the beginning of the month and you still like everything except ham. I also started you on some stage 3 foods and you're getting more used to the texture. You also started taking a sippy cup of water.

- You have finally had it with the bows but I'm persistent! You just look so darn cute in them

- Your first word recognition "cat" - anytime we say it you frantically look around the room for Rollo.

- You still don't sleep at night and I like to say thank God you're so darn cute and sweet during the day because you're not during the night. You always go down just fine but you just can't self soothe. You are so stubborn! You will cry as long as it takes....

- Your favorite things right now are:
....watching Rollo
....playing with your feet
....your morning song "Good morning to you and all that you do. Good morning Eden girl. Brand new day is here, time to give a cheer. I love you my dear. Good morning Eden girl!" composed my none other than daddy!
....playing with Claire and singing
....your exersaucer

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Aubrey said...

Hurray for better sleep. I will be praying it continues.