Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank you Great Aunt Barbara and Great Aunt Linda!

A HUGE thank you and shout out to my sweet aunts up in Wisconsin who sent Claire this CUTE art apron! The ladybugs were a huge hit and the slots for the markers are perfect for her! She has been so excited to draw with markers because that's a "big girl thing to do". Here she is modeling and drawing you a thank you note. She's also modeling her Barbie sticker she got from the dr. office this morning for Eden's 9 mo. appt.

All smiles and wild-child hair.... suits her just right this week =)

"Thanks Aunt Barbara and Aunt Linda!" We just skip the great around here even though you are GREAT! We're so blessed to have Claire know, talk about and love her family in Wisconsin. Every time she sees an airplane she says "Maybe Grandma Ann's on that plane?" Guess she wants to see you again soon Grandma!

On a side note, thank you Linda for being so sweet to print off the blog and showing it to Grandma. I love knowing she's keeping up with it and getting to see the girl's grow up so quickly!

We Love You!

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