Thursday, July 3, 2008

Claire's first haircut - kinda!

Well, I finally did it and took Claire to get her bangs trimmed! They were constantly falling in her face and she couldn't have her hair down without a bow. The lady was trying to get me to cut/trim all her hair but I really don't want to do that yet. I think part of me sees this as a big step to growing up so maybe I'm trying to hold on to my baby a little longer. She certainly looked older with real bangs and I wasn't all that happy with the cut... they look crooked to me so I just swoop 'em to the side anyway! We got her hair cut especially for our big trip to Illinois and Wisconsin - it was the day before we left. I'll be posting pics from our trip soon!

You said SMILE mom so here you go!

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Anonymous said...

good thing the p---y won't have hair for a long time I like it bald, even better if it is very yung too