Monday, July 21, 2008

Too excited!

Well, I'm 17 weeks pregnant today and I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by! Just today in the car I thought about how much I love being pregnant (I've been very blessed!) and how I should take in every moment because this might be my last time! For those who have asked, I'm feeling well - I'm not as tired and I'm not feeling as sick. I'm still having some weird eating issues that I didn't have with Claire - nothing sounds good to me (especially veggies) except my cravings I had with Claire - potatoes anyway and every way and cheese! Sonic is loving me right now because I love their cheese fries and they are Oh so healthy for me too! I've already started having severe heartburn which I had terribly with Claire. I'd drink water and get it so I'm prepared with my Pepcid! I'm also having to adjust my sleeping more the past week with my growing tummy. I love to sleep on my tummy so I haven't been sleeping very well. Other than that everything is going beautifully and I'll take it all considering it could be a lot worse!

We find out tomorrow if we are having a girl or a boy and most importantly the health of the baby. We are praying for a strong healthy baby who is right on target with everything but we know it is all in God's hands no matter what they tell us! We were told that Claire had a heart calcification at this sonogram and even though it was something very common and went away , it's not something you want to hear and it makes me a little nervous. Anyway, my initial feeling was that we are having a boy and the Chinese Gender Calendar seems to think so as well but I've had 3 weird dreams this past week that the baby is a girl! We'll see! I'm just too excited I hope I can sleep tonight! I'll post some pics tomorrow of my growing belly along with a special pic of Claire telling everyone if she will have a baby brother or sister! Please keep us in your prayers!

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Carrie said...

This is probably the 10th time today I've checked your blog. I can't wait to hear about the ultrasound. I am praying for all to look great (and to find out what you're having)!