Sunday, July 20, 2008

Guess who's in her late 20's?

Well, at least I'm not 30 yet! My 28th birthday was this past week so now I'm officially in my late 20's. It makes me feel really old especially because my 10 year high school reunion is right around the corner! I had a wonderful day with my wonderful family - Neil and I took Claire to her swim lessons in the morning and then got breakfast tacos. Neil went to work while I napped during Claire's nap time and then it was off to the pool! Neil's dad came over that evening so Neil and I could go to my FAVORITE restaurant in the world - The Melting Pot. If you haven't been, it's fabulous but go for a special occasion so you can go all out and have the full experience! My mom had us over along with Neil's parents the night before for a nice dinner and a yummy carrot cake. Here are a few pics from my birthday dinners:

Our night out to the Melting Pot

Our sweet family with the yummy carrot cake

My wonderful parents!

My baby looking so grown up - I loved this picture!
My brother Billy with his favorite little one (and me!)

My birthday has been so different the past 3 years. I used to really look forward to my birthday. Now I really look forward to Claire's birthday and soon to be 2nd baby's birthday because I actually can remember it and I labored that day! It just has so much more meaning to me and birthdays definitely have a whole new perspective since I've become a mommy. With that I want to thank my mom for working so hard on July 15th, 1980. I respect you more and more everyday and love you so much knowing what you went through for me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey I remember thost late 20's
like it was yesterday...the good old days...(sigh)

Just Kidding! The best is defintely yet to come for our family!

Love you So.