Friday, June 10, 2011

Official June Number

Yup - you read that right - 30. Not the number we were expecting when we were having a party over here about two weeks ago when we unofficially entered the 20's. Anything can happen! Some of you are asking what? how? Well, there were some families on the girl and sibling lists who opened their parameters to the boys list. When that happens families are placed on the waitlist according to paperwork date so if they had their dossier in before us, their placement affects our waitlist number. Although hearing we are higher than we thought, we praise God He is opening others hearts to more children!

The latest we've heard from our agency is that although the MOWA is said to be only preparing 5 letters a day, they aren't seeing the affects of it yet. The families who have gone to court since the March 8th change in policy with MOWA have continued to pass court at the same rate (this is where the delay would happen). AGCI has been amazing with communicating with us and encouraging us to wait to see how this policy is changing the timelines before we estimate or even jump to conclusions. They have really helped put our minds and hearts at ease with the continued talk of things slowing down.

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