Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catching up

What we've been up to the past three weeks...

Hanging with Bruce Bowen (former Spurs) at the Arms of Hope dinner! Well, maybe not hanging out but got to hear him speak as well as some incredible kids and women who have been blessed by Arms of Hope. Thanks to Josh for the free tickets! Excited to use our family fun day package we won at the silent auction =)
Hanging out with the fam! Mike, Heather, Pierce and Jenny came into town in mid-May so we got together for dinner. Love these moments...

Claire captured this one
Claire's t-ball season ended and she finally got her trophy - the whole reason I think she wanted to play in the first place! I think going to Chuckie Cheese for the team party would've convinced her to play too =) She did well and enjoyed being part of a team. I think it was a great experience for her before she goes to school! Here she is with Coach Joel:
Claire and Victoria - these trophy's set a pretty high standard
The whole team
One of the daily to-do's around here has been to stay cool! Memorial Day we went to a graduation party and got to swim. We've also taken some time in the sprinklers while hand watering the grass. It's only going to get hotter =( The only down side to living in San Antonio (well, the Texas education budget cuts too). Here is Claire sporting her new hair wrap that I put in for the swim party. She loved it even though she had to stay still for almost 40 minutes!
Daddy and his girls getting lathered in sun screen!!

Looking forward to a fun filled summer!! I'm only teaching 2 kids this summer and keeping it really low key. Can't wait to live it up with my girls especially with Neil having Fridays off =)

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