Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 year Anniversary

8 years of marriage... only 12 more before we get on the big screen at church!! Woo hoo!! Every month at church we celebrate the couples who have been married 20+ years and I just love seeing the old wedding pictures of couples. It's so fun to see how young people look, what the style was and how much has changed. What an awesome way to celebrate marriages when sadly 8 years is a long time these days. As many of those couples would say (including us at 8 years), it's not always easy but life just wouldn't be the same without your "helper", friend and lover. How I want to be thankful for EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. that Neil and I have together.

Here we are on that wonderful day!!

And here we are 8 years later on our way to dinner!!
The girls stayed a couple hours with my parents so we could go out to dinner (Zio's) and get some coffee. Amazing what a big deal that can be. I do remember our first two and a half years together when going out was no big deal. We could go and do whatever we want, whenever we want!! Looking back, it wasn't like we were dating at all but NOW... now we have to plan, look forward to and anticipate our dates which makes dating more exciting than ever! We might even put some perfume and cologne on =)

Some time this summer we will use our amazing groupon we got to a cute little place out in Castroville for a night away!! Can't WAIT for us to be able to celebrate again!! (btw, we are unofficially #28 on the waitlist!)


Stacia said...

Congrats you two! Eight is big and I'm glad you got the chance to celebrate!

Erin Schmidt said...

We always talk about the big screen at church, too! We are counting down. :) I think it's funny that you guys do the same thing. Too bad we have a lot longer to go than you two!!

Happy Anniversary!