Saturday, May 14, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Seriously, where does the time go? Neil and I laughed the other day when we realized that all those parents who told us that time would fly when you have kids were right!! And it's seemed to have sped up exponentially since Eden entered our lives.

Our baby is now 5 and we celebrated her preschool graduation today! What a fun program the school put on with all the kids and then each graduate got called in their cap and gown to get their certificate and bible from Mr. David. They also took the time to do a slide show with every child's name and picture. I can't tell you enough how amazing this MDO program is. They truly make the kids feel so loved and special!

Here is a video of Claire being called up front

Untitled from Kathryn Lewis on Vimeo.

We took a ton of video of the songs that Claire and Eden's classes performed for my parents who were out of state visiting my grandma and aunts. So cute and they looked like they had a great time! Here is the graduate!
Such a proud mommy! These roses came from a garden that I was taking care of at the time and she just loved them.
Daddy and his girl

Claire with her wonderful teacher, Ms. Claudia!

Eden on the run =) She was there enjoying all the music!

The graduate with Mimi and Poppa! So glad they could make it to celebrate with us!

Claire chose to go to "I-Pop" for breakfast afterwards as a celebratory treat! What a glorious day to see our sweetheart continue to grow, learn and become all that God has intended for her to be at 5. She is an amazing little girl - yes, she knows all she needs to know to move onto kinder. Her letters, colors, numbers, rhymes, opposites, etc. But that's really not important in the long run. She would learn it eventually anyway. Most importantly, she has a heart of gold - always looking out for others. Who Claire is and is becoming as a young lady just blows me away and in so many ways, well beyond her years. Her character is what is most important as she soon embarks on a whole new world going to school everyday with all kinds of different people. Can't wait to see what all He has in store for her as she continues to grow and seek Him.

We are so proud of you, Claire!!

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