Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May number

Got our official number today! (as of 5/23, we are #30!) It was one less than we thought it was so that was a pleasant surprise! We were 34 in April so although slow movement, there IS movement. This is always encouraging as we have now been on the wait list for 7.5 months (in process for a little over 14 months). Our caseworker sent us an email with our number along with the news that they are now estimating wait list time as 18 months. This is not what they currently have seen (the last referrals were at 11 and 10 months) but what they are estimating with the slow down and more detail and time taken on paperwork/investigations to make sure the children are truly orphans. The MOWA is being much more careful with each child's case to make sure nothing unethical is taking place. The US Embassy in Ethiopia has also been taking a little more time on a case to case basis.

We continue to trust God's timing for our family. Meanwhile we are working on big transitions in our house to get ready for the big transition of traveling and bringing brother home - potty training (Eden has completed this one - even naps and nighttime!! No more diapers!!), moving the girls into the same room, Claire starting kindergarten in late August, Eden and I having some one-on-one time we've never had before, working on the baby's room. We are also continuing to read as much as possible on adoption and Ethiopia - I'm close to cooking my first Ethiopian dish! We are staying busy and anticipating a really great, fun summer together. Savoring each moment we have together.

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