Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December #

Got our official email today with our December number:

Not much movement from November's 51 but that's part of the waiting game! Some months there are a lot of referrals and some there aren't. They are waiting for families to bring their kiddos home before they can bring more kids into Hannah's Hope (AGCI's transitioanl home). We thought we were #49 but found out a family already on the girls list was added to the boys list and they had their dossier approved before us so they bumped us up by one.

We are waiting patiently but I will say this is the first month I've really thought about this waiting game and where it will put us when we get to bring our little guy home. From the beginning I was praying that he would be home by next Christmas - a year away - but I'm not sure if that is realistic. We'll see... I'll keep praying and trusting that God's timing is perfect. Anything is possible with Him and His plan is better than we could ever imagine.

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Faith said...

It is sure hard to remember though...keep your head up and when the going gets tough, keep on going.