Saturday, July 7, 2012

We're leaving on a jet plane - donations list!

Everything is happening so fast - we haven't even gottent ow rite down our referral call on here but we got our court date yesterday - July 23rd!!  We are all set with our travel dates and times (leaving Wed. the 18th and coming back the 25th)! Many have asked how you can help - we are taking donations for our agency's transitional home Hannah's Hope. If you can donate any of the items below, that would be really helpful and such a blessing!! Can't believe we will be meeting our little guy on July 21st - he will be just 4 months and 1 week and I will get to hug, kiss and tell him we love him! My birthday is the 15th and Neil's is the 25th and I'll have to say, this might just be the best birthday EVER!!!

• Diapers of all sizes; please include preemie sizes

• Baby wipes (this is always needed)

• Bibs

• ...Hand sanitizer

• Kleenex boxes

• Infant and children’s vitamins

• Formula: vegetable-based Similac, soy-based Similac, as well as regular formula

• Children’s clothing: this must be new or like new (no holes or stains)

Toddler clothing and shoes (at this time we are asking that families do not take infant clothing)

Light jackets or sweaters for all ages

Boys’ clothing for ages 6-10 years old

Girls’ clothing for ages 6-13 years old

Underwear for all ages—please consider slim clothing

Shoes for all ages, but especially older boys and girls. The popular “Croc” is great for these kids!

• Bottles: Avent bottles for both 8-12 ounce feedings.

• Diaper rash cream: Desitin is preferred, but A&D ointment or Butt Paste is also useful.

• Baby shampoos and baby oil

• Shampoo, conditioner, and lotion for older children

• Age appropriate development toys for infants and toddlers

• Blow up balls/outside toys

• Sidewalk chalk

• Bubbles

• Children’s DVDs and CDs

• Men’s and women’s deodorant

• Good quality electric shaver

• Rechargeable camping lanterns (for when electricity is out)

• Twin sheets (mainly flats) in children’s patterns and colors of pink, purple, red, blue, and green. Solid or

print materials are both acceptable.


Sara said...

Hallelujah! So excited for you guys!!!!

Tara said...

SO Excited!!! Congrats. Praise God!