Monday, April 30, 2012

April # and his name

I can't believe we are #6! We are getting more and more excited to get our phone call and to see his face, know his name, carry a picture of him with me everywhere to show everyone, know his story, know how old he is... so much to anticipate! We also got our USCIS fingerprints redone for immigration since they expire in June. Next on the list is updating our home study and FDL that expires in September....I have been clinging to the scriptures that He has been giving to me the past month about perseverance and withstanding trials... amazing how His word and the Holy Spirit can speak to us at just the right time.

Many have asked us about what we will be naming our little guy and right now, we don't know for sure...yet! We are waiting to know his given name and praying we will be able to keep it or at least nickname/modify it. If not, we will keep his given name for his middle name and give him a new first name. Right now Neil and I only agree on one name and to say that there is a lot to consider is an understatement. Back in January 2011, I was reading the beginning of Samuel 1 and although I had read it numerous times before, it just really griped my heart. Hannah naming her baby boy Samuel after she had waited and waited for him has stuck with me every since and thankfully Neil really likes it too =) So as of right now if we DO give him a first name, the first choice will be Samuel. I just love it

I'm so behind on our blog... Pierce's bday, Easter, our camping and Baton Rouge trip... well, thought I'd still post our number and will go back to fill in the blanks =) Life has been a little overwhelming lately. A lot going on in the lives around me so when I'm finally home and sitting, I just can't get motivated to get much done. I also have a list of scrapbook pages to be worked on...

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Oh, so exciting, Kathryn!