Wednesday, January 11, 2012


10 years ago I had my last first date and it was by far the best first date I have ever had.
(this picture is not of that night but the closest I could get! It was on January 5, 2002 at Doris' bday party at Banana Joe's. This was the night we danced a little {or a lot} closer than usual and realized there was something different between us!)

Of course that probably had something to do with who I was with and not just our evening out...together...not just friends anymore... I know we were both anxious to see how the evening would go. I mean, we had been out together hundreds of times but this time we were on an official date! I was only slightly worried it would be uncomfortable or awkward but that quickly faded as he held the door open for me to get into his truck. I still had the normal butterflies that you get on a first date but this one was different as we were already best friends and knew pretty much everything about each other and our past relationships. So although it was our first it felt like we were really starting at date 12 =)

Neil brought me my favorite flowers - purple tulips and surprised me through out the evening. We went to an amazing Italian restaurant (my favorite cuisine), Aldo's, that was "THE" place to go for prom when we were in high school. I never went and he remembered I always wanted to try it so I was so excited!

After a kiss by the car (I think it's so funny I remember that) it was off for another surprise and this has since become one of our favorite special occasion places to celebrate at - a fabulous jazz club downtown on the river called The Landing and the Jim Cullins Band performed (unfortunately not anymore). A quiet table on the first floor against the back wall with dim candlelight - holding hands across the table... romantic to say the least! A lot of times we will even request to sit at the same table when we go back.

That night confirmed that our leap of faith from our friendship to dating was going to be well worth the risk and ended up being the most amazing love we will find in another. The Lord's timing for us was perfect as He was getting us ready for the rest of our lives. Right now Neil has been composing "How I Met Your Mother" (he's on part 4) and it's been so fun to remember all the details and how again, His timing was perfect. Neil kept a journal during those years which is even more fun to read and talk about what was going on in our world and in our hearts so many years ago. We are so blessed and I couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else!

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