Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Picnic

Fall... I LOVE the turn of the seasons but there is just something special about fall. Maybe it's the relief from the summer heat or the holidays but I just LOVE that very first day when the air is crisp and you can wear a long sleeve shirt. This year has already been oddly warm and it wasn't until the past two days where it even felt like the fall!! A few weeks ago we got a glimpse of it so after BSF, the girls and I had a picnic outside. I just love being able to create these memories with my girls -nothing like it and it makes me even more grateful for my time I have with them - each and every day. Never take one second for granted.
My beautiful girls!
Here's to cooler weather with November right around the corner!

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dan and rachel said...

the girls are gorgeous! we are loving fall too!