Saturday, October 30, 2010

Claire's field trip

About two weeks ago Claire had her very first field trip with her class to the fire station right next door to the school. She was so excited about going she talked about it a week leading up to the big day!! I was able to move my lessons to a different day (have I mentioned I LOVE my job?) and go along. Claire would tell everyone "And my mommy's going with me!" She won't be saying that when I chaperone her middle school dances - I will be there too =)

They learned a lot and I actually learned a lot too. SO glad I was there to talk about things with her and reinforce what she heard. Some things I never would've thought about telling her like be really loud so that the fire fighters will hear you, be sure not to hide if you are scared - stay in the middle of your room on the floor (not in the closet) if your door is hot, make sure you have a meeting place like a neighbor's mailbox, etc. Good things to keep in mind and wanted to share them with you all as well!

Here is Claire with her friend Chloe - it was spirit shirt day too!
Claire with her classmates Ethan, Chloe and Tate

Me and my girl
Claire LOVES her teacher - Ms. Claudia
Ayden and Claire - they've known each other from playgroup for a while now and see each other throughout the day at school. Too bad they aren't in the same class but they get to do fun 4 yr. old activities together!
Claire's entire Aqua Class
We had SO much fun! Love taking part in these special days with my big girl! How did she get old enough to take field trips?

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Aubrey said...

4!?!?!!? When did Claire turn 4!?!!? Does that mean kindergarden starts next year?!!?! No!!!

So glad you got to share with Claire on her big day. That is awesome.